Are demi lovato and cece frey dating


But Diamond took it in stride, saying, "Cher Lloyd came in fifth and look at her now" before adding that she'd be back one day to sing her own hit single. Speaking of returning contestants, Season One winner Melanie Amaro ­– 'memba her?

At this point, unless Tate defiantly sets the American flag on fire while robo-Carly goes on a killing spree, neither Emblem3 nor Fifth Harmony has a chance in hell of winning this thing. Demi told the mail clerk from Decatur: 'Cece, I told you that it was going to be difficult trying to find a balance between on fire - fierce with attitude - but in a way that people can still relate to you.'I was very, very impressed with your vocals.But you do understand that when I put someone into the live shows I have to have total and utter confidence that they can deliver under an awful lot of pressure,' Cowell told them."Everything with her just sort of seems like it's this carefully crafted story.


It's like a romantic-comedy situation, like she has to be humbled before she can realize her dreams.The second season of The X Factor aired on Fox, starting on September 12, 2012 and ending December 20, 2012.


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