Are cody linley and emily osment dating

The story follows the daily life of Stewart, her brother, and her friends while also starring Cyrus's country singer father Billy Ray Cyrus as her dad.The series, produced by It's a Laugh Productions and Michael Poryes Productions, premiered on Disney Channel on March 24, 2006 and concluded on January 16, 2011 after having aired four seasons and ninety-eight episodes.“I think that it was just such a match made in heaven,” the actor recently told MTV.“I even thought that we were going to be together, and it was so sweet, cause Miley was I think kinda bummed that they wrote my character out [of the show], but you know it’s a show, there is only two ways they could go with it, so I was happy for the time that I had."Even though their on-screen romance didn't pan out like he'd hoped, Linley is still keeping tabs on Cyrus and what she's doing.


He had the blonde surfer boy hair, and confident teen actor ego.He takes pride in his hair, and his shampoo collection.Whenever one of Hannah's song becomes a hit, instead of attributing it to the singer, he, jokingly, takes the credit himself.“Miley’s success has continued to grow, so I’m proud of her and her work ethic and to have been a part of something that made an impact,” he said.

Emily Osment has been acting her entire life: She started doing commercials at age 5 and hasn't stopped since! Celebrity I'd ask for an autograph: Jake Gyllenhaal Dream car: Light blue VW Beetle When I fly I have to have: My pillow.

Promotional photo of the Hannah Montana main characters from season one to three.


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