Are aka and dj zinhle dating online dating with


Howerever on the other hand AKA and Zinhle were LOVERS. If AKA wanted to be with Zinhle…would be with Zinhle guys. When Zinhle announced that Bonang stole her man, how amazing that the timing was precisely to dim Bonangs light.

She waited until Bonang had a nice doccie and then lay down the news.

In a series of tweets, AKA reiterates that the decision for the couple to part ways was very much mutual.

Furthermore, AKA also vaguely addressed all those rumours that the reason behind the breakup was because he cheated on Zinhle with radio/TV personality Bonang.

DJ Zinhle dumped AKA in 2015 after he allegedly confessed to cheating on her with Bonang – while she was pregnant!

AKA and Bonang denied the cheating allegations, but several months later went public with their hot romance.

I'm better, stronger, have made more money, am more successful, more famous and have more fans than the people who put me in that situation.

The fact that AKA cheated on Zinhle is not Bonang’s problem. We were never there…fact we were abruptly introduced to their relationship and very soon afterwards Zinhle was pregnant.


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    Bob Odenkirk, a former SNL writer, explained, "I could see how it wouldn't work at SNL because she's got her own voice, she's very much Sarah Silverman all the time.

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