Alex fong dating stephy tang


In the interview, she hinted that she and Alex were in a cold stage in their relationship. To know that the two of you would be tied together forever. Stephy then said that the only time she would consider marriage is if she had kids. It’s not like your relationship would just improve after.” But marriage has always been on the back of Alex’s mind.

You know you shouldn’t think this way, but you would unknowingly try to get yourself out of those restraints, and that gives you a lot of pressure. The actor-singer has implied in a different interview that it was Stephy who was the one who didn’t want to get married. ” said Alex when asked why he didn’t pop the question to Stephy yet.

They did not have any third party, did not do anything to harm the other.

For ten years they worked hard toward the same direction on the same road, but gradually their pace differed as they were looking at their own scenery.

Or maybe, it really is because your relationship is no longer as simple as it was before.” The couple said they never talked about marriage with each other before. “Maybe it’s because she’s unsure yet, or maybe it’s because I haven’t done well enough.” Reportedly, Alex did consider popping the question, and even discussed about how he should do it with his friends, but because Stephy showed literally no interest in getting married, Alex decided to leave it be.

Alex said when he first read the agency’s statement on his phone, his hands were shaking.



If something happened to us, they would stop believing in love. That means we have a responsibility to everyone.” Stephy then expressed that she has a fear towards marriage, and the consequences that come with a union. I’ve always been afraid of trapping myself in marriage chains.

As a girl, Ng had studied at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.


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