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century.” The Dead Sea Scrolls are priceless today (a scroll facsimile will cost more than ,000), which makes it even more mind-boggling to consider the scrolls were once advertised for sale in the Wall Street Journal in June of 1954 and eventually purchased for a mere 0,000.


Through the examination of a variety of ROM objects and museum reproductions, students are introduced to the language and art of body decoration, across a broad spectrum of cultures and peoples.Verify any information presented here before joining any program.There is no Adult content on Chat Cam City; however, some chat, webcam & video chat sites do allow Adult behavior.By 1956, a total of eleven caves had been found at Qumran; however, no caves have been discovered since, until now.


Now, archeologists Oren Gutfeld and Randall Price have made “one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries, and the most important in the last 60 years, in the caves of Qumran,” near the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. And that’s why it is hard to overestimate the significance of the astounding discovery announced by Hebrew University Wednesday: A twelfth cave has been discovered! This “most important” discovery will also ignite controversy: who owns the Dead Sea Scrolls?For example, the scrolls are not written in Arabic. (Islam, for example, begins some eight hundred years later). Israel has properly cared for these priceless artifacts.


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