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Wagner, Matthew John, born 23 April 1984, died 29 March 2003 in Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance This is our beloved son Matthew. Until we meet again, love Mom and Dad Hall, Caleb, born 16 January 1986, died 23 August 2011 in Tennessee, USAOur Remembrance Caleb Hall was the most wonderful man I knew. Gill, Timothy, born 06 March 1961, died in Memphis, Tennessee Our Remembrance I never got to say goodbye or tell you that I care, you must have felt all alone, desperate, hurt, and scared.We were engaged for almost 3 years and had wonderful times together. I will always remember how loving and selfless he was. I wonder why you felt so bad that your pain engulfed your life, I wonder if you thought of us, your daughter and your wife.He never missed a sporting event or recital for any of his grandchildren and viewed his family as his greatest legacy.Karla Mink, 58, died Friday, May6, 2011, at Hardin Memorial Hospital.Such a tantalizing prospect coerced me to skip Eldora’s Kings Royal for the first time in 1997 and due to consistent conflicts, I haven’t been back since.Forced to keep normal work hours for ’97 Sprint Week, this was when I skipped my one and only date since USAC has taken control.Olivo, Christopher J., born 07 October 1961, died in Rindge, New Hampshire, USAOur Remembrance : Chris was the funniest smartest person I've ever had the privilege of knowing! If I could go back in time and try to ease your pain, I would dry all your tears when they fell like rain.

His business lunches at The Terrace restaurant on top of the Kaden Tower were lengendary.Young Jr, James, born 16 June 1967, died 27 September 1996 in Augusta, Georgia Our Remembrance Beloved husband of Sandra Benson Young, Father of Stephanie, Ashley, Jennifer and James Young, III. Norton, Matthew, born , died in Tennessee Our Remembrance You was a very loved man. I still can't imagine living in this world without you xxxxx To the moon and back and far beyond, I will love you xxxxx Brown, Lynn Scott, born 05 February 1973, died 14 August 2009 in Dallas, Georgia, USAOur Remembrance There is a special gift in life that some of us receive; It\'s not a fancy car or house or a brilliant jewel to wear; No, that very special thing is a person, near and dear, Someone we call \"brother\", the greatest gift of all Love & Miss YOU! He was an awesome child who's time came far to soon and he is remembered every single day.You was a wonderful husband, father, son, uncle, and brother. Eales, Alex, born 19 June 1992, died 06 August 2011 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia Our Remembrance My beautiful son, Alex. --your lil Sis Fader, William, born 17 Febuary 1955, died 19 August 2013 in North Carolina Our Remembrance In loving memory. He left behind one daughter, one granddaughter, brother, sister, cousins and friends. Bault, Gail, born 10 September 1951, died 12 March 2012 in California Our Remembrance My dear Gail \"Abby\" I will forever miss my forever friend ~ I wish we lived closer, I wish I would have called, I wish you would have called, I wish I would have known! Love, Jeannie \"weenie\" Olinger, Curtis Richard, born , died 25 January 2006 in California, USAOur Remembrance Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle. Graves, William Kelly, born 13 November 1980, died 15 September 2008 in Seattle, Washington Our Remembrance Willy was a very talented guitarist and bassist and performed in bands most of his life.He was also past President of the local chapter of The Building Owners and Management Association and served 12 years as Chairman of The Louisville Metro Parks Board.

He served on the University of Louisville Cardinal Athletic Fund, was a Board member of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and was a two term Board member of the Regional Airport Authority of Louisville and Jefferson County.With no fees to sell tickets and live 24/7 phone and web sales, Brown Paper Tickets is the smartest way to sell tickets for your next event!


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