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I'm actually very disappointed that you didn't think about that. @fercho25: they had a fairly progressive geometry with a slack HA that gave you good confidence pointed downhill. While i love the idea of the Slayer, my trails near home are much more Altitide friendly...

May be I'll look for a Commençal framekit instead, for exemple... not the greatest for climbing but who cares because it was a blast to ride the fun bits. Can you tell us the status of that "other" bike the EWS team can ride in 2017, the Altitude? @Average Adventurer: Perhaps your prediction will ring true, given the direction many bikes head these days...

Neil Clarke, un enseignant désenchanté, amoureux de sa voisine du dessous qui sait à peine qu'il existe, se voit attribuer par un conseil extraterrestre le pouvoir de faire absolument tout ce qui lui passe par la tête.

Neil l'ignore mais la manière dont il va se servir de ce nouveau pouvoir va dicter le destin de l'humanité.

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